Hi, I’m Jodi!

Welcome! I’m Jodi Severe, the photographer at Jodi Carol Photography. I'm a selectively crunchy mama of three who believes that all women and children are different. There is no right way to birth or parent, and the way we walk these journeys celebrates our uniqueness. I believe that all birth is beautiful and that all women should have access to a safe and informed birth.

My work with birthing families goes all the way back to high school and college where I was a nanny specializing in the care of newborns and families in the fourth trimester. I discovered my passion for all things birth while working at The Birth Place birth center in Winter Garden, where I went on to have three water births of my own!

My children are older now, 10, 7, and 5, and most days they spend hours outside, climbing high in the trees, flying past on their bikes, or engaged in a neighborhood basketball game. Rainy days often find us, well, doing the same things. We love to play in the rain! In the quieter moments, we love to curl up with good books and bake all kinds of yummy sweets. When I catch a moment alone, I enjoy scouring the sales at Nordstrom Rack and curling up for a good Netflix binge of Call the Midwife or The Crown.

My husband’s home country is Haiti, and our family is dedicated to serving our friends there. We founded and manage GDE Haiti, a child-sponsorship program in southern Haiti, and travel to our heart's home as often as possible.

I can't wait to meet you and capture the moments that define your family!


*Banner image captured by Captureology