Do your kids climb to the highest branches? Throw their shoes off and splash in the rain? Do you cherish moments of quiet cuddles and family dinner? No matter where you are on your parenting journey, the most ordinary days are worth remembering. Family Stories allow you to get into pictures with your children and view your family experience from the outside, often causing you to learn and grow in incredible ways.


What should I expect from our family story?

Family stories are not your traditional posed family session. A family story is a documentary session that captures your family's interactions in a natural and genuine way.  The goal is for you to be relaxed and forget that you are being photographed, so that your family's personality and love is the center of your images. Instead of moving your family into the best light, I move myself into the best position to capture the light that naturally surrounds you. The pressure to be perfect is off. There are no matching outfits, messy hair is encouraged, and you won't need to walk hand-in-hand through an open field (unless that is what your family enjoys doing on a normal day!) 

When should I schedule my Family Story?

Family Stories don’t depend on perfect light, so anytime during the day is an acceptable time. I do recommend scheduling family stories at a time when your children are generally active and when your family is together. The goal is to capture your entire family interacting, so scheduling during nap time isn’t usually the best idea!

How much does it cost?

Family Stories start at $400 for a two hour session. Sessions can be booked in lengths of 2, 4, 6, 8, or 12 hours. Two hour sessions are reserved for Family Stories focused on a single event or outing. Examples would be a family trip to the playground, a birthday party, or family game night. For day in the life stories, I recommend booking at least a four hour session as this allows time to for me to capture many aspects of your life. Add-on services such as image and video slideshows and professional print products are available. All stories include the full digital image gallery. Visit my investment page for more pricing information.

Why is documentary family photography important?

How many images do you have of yourself interacting with your children? Not a smiling selfie, but actually mothering? How many images do you have of your kids being their mischievous selves? Probably not that many, because you have to parent! That’s where I come in. I capture moments that otherwise would not be remembered, because they aren’t times you would be able to pull out your camera. Every family I’ve photographed has come back and said how the images showed them a different side of their family, and also celebrated their uniqueness in a very special way. I regularly hire a photographer to document my own family because I value the importance of having real-life images of myself with my children. Every session teaches me something new about myself and my children, and encourages me to continue on this parenting journey through the smiles and the tears.

Who can participate in the session?

Anyone you wish! Friends and family are welcome to join in on your day as they would on any other day.

Where does my Family Story take place?

That is completely up to you! Your home, the playground, the pool, a fishing outing, family hike, or camping trip. Wherever your family loves to make memories is a perfect place for your Family Story. Longer sessions can include multiple locations. Many times, people are concerned that their home is not clean enough for photos. Please, rest your mind. My home gets crazy sometimes too! And, I am experienced in creating images that highlight your family in any environment. Also, try to come to peace with the fact that sometimes an imperfect home is part of your story, the playtime that undoes all of your cleaning, and the dishes that stay unwashed in favor of family time. Your home is a beautiful reminder of life with littles!


I’m Ready to Book!

I'm so glad! In order to secure your session date on my calendar, a 50% initial payment and a signed contract are required. Your session date is then secured and you will just need to make full payment no later than one week prior to your session date. If you'd like to schedule an in-person consultation, please let me know and I'd love to meet with you! Click below to get started!