Those first days with your new little one are amongst the most beautiful and meaningful you will ever have. They are also a blur of activity and learning and not sleeping! My goal is for your newborn story to be relaxed and easy. You shouldn't have to plan it or think about it.

A documentary Newborn Story is often an unfamiliar idea. Capturing life in all it’s rawness is a unique form of newborn photography. A few common questions and concerned are outlined below.


What do I need to do to prepare for our story?

Nothing! Documentary Newborn Stories are completely unposed and focus on your real life, not a perfected version of it. Matching outfits are not needed, I won't ask you to pose any certain way, and your kids don't have to sit still at all. In fact, I hope they won't! Often, clients worry about their home being too messy for a photo session, especially in the chaos of brining a new little one home. Please, do not worry. I get it. My home is often an unorganized disaster as well. No judgement here! And, I am experienced in providing beautiful images that highlight you and your family, not the clutter. I also encourage you to embrace this time in your life and recognize that, often, an imperfect home is a part of your story.

Who can participate in the session?

Anyone you wish! There’s no limit to the number of people. If grandparents want to stop by, great! Neighborhood friends playing in the backyard? Perfect! This is all part of your story and your phase of life. These are real memories and the people who walked with you through these first days are an important part of your story.

Where does my Newborn Story take place?

I come to you, so that you don’t have to go anywhere! Newborn sessions occur in your home. If desired, we can photograph at multiple locations, such as if you wish to take a family walk while I am there or go with your older children to play at a nearby park. Sessions are custom-designed to your family, so we can go and photograph wherever your family likes to be together!


Why is documentary newborn photography important?

The first weeks with your baby go quickly, and so many details can be forgotten. No one else will have newborn images just like yours, because no one else is your family. Your images will be unique and tell the story of your new addition in a genuine and beautiful way.

When should I schedule my Newborn Story?

Ideally, sessions should be scheduled within the first two weeks after baby's birth, but can be scheduled whenever you choose. Sessions move at your family’s pace; feeding, settling, bathing. Whatever needs to be done during the time I am there is what will be captured. I do recommend choosing a time of day when your family is generally active. For example, if your story is scheduled during the time when your other children are napping and you are resting, there won’t be a whole lot to photograph!

How much does it cost?

Newborn Stories start at $400 for a two hour session. Sessions can be extended to 4, 6, 8, or 12 hours. I recommend a four hour session for Newborn Stories if you also have older children. If this is your first baby, a two hour session is recommended. Add-on services such as image and video slideshows are available as are packages including birth and milestone sessions. Your full digital image gallery is included in all sessions, with professional print products available to purchase. Visit my investment page for more pricing information.



I’m Ready to Book!

Great! The first step is to contact me to check my availability for the weeks around your due date. All that is needed to secure your due date on my calendar is a 50% initial payment and a signed contract. Full payment is required by 37 weeks gestation. After baby is born, contact me as soon as possible and we will schedule the day and time for your Newborn Story! Please click below to get started!